Evgeny Alexandrovich Sedov is a certified Gestalt therapist of international level and a sex therapist who created dozens of reliable methods, a professional family therapist and psychotherapist of addictions in relationships with many years of experience in a crisis center for women, a qualified teacher-psychologist and an art therapist.

He is a highly qualified specialist in the field of pedagogy, psychology and sexology, dedicated his life to helping people, developing science and spreading spiritual and moral values. His professional activity is based on 10-year theoretical and practical education, 8-year various work experience and moral principles.

A distinctive feature of his practice is the validity of the methods used, reliability and efficiency, high quality and systematic work in the chosen direction. He has a wide range of necessary competences and a strong sense of responsibility. Therefore, his help brings a beneficial result for everyone who applies.

"It's exciting and joyful to watch the magic transformation," says Evgeny Sedov, "when a person comes in one - entangled, depressed, upset - and with each new meeting he has more sparkle in his eyes, more joy in life, more goals, successes, victories, and you understand, dreams come true like this".

For his many years of practice, he has helped tens of thousands of people, finding for each individual approach, helping to solve even the most complicated and difficult situations in life, family and sexual relations, often literally inspiring people and opening up for him a new wonderful life!

Evgeny Sedov conducts consultations in Russian. But for English-speaking clients with the interpretor. The consultation is conducted by Skype. The hourly session costs 40-60 USD.

His clients create and build relationships, get rid of tears and complexes, learn effective behavior and self-confidence, achieve their goals and become happy, successful, satisfied people.

He believes in everyone and helps him to find happiness and prosperity, easily and cheerfully, persistently and stubbornly, sometimes demandingly, but with love!


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Evgeny Alexandrovich Sedov